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Street Cleaning Trainee
Full Time

Manual litter and debris collection
  • Regular patrol of main roads, parks and industrial areas to remove dumped or general litter and medians of main roads and transport to disposal facility.
  • Report problem areas (eg. ‘Hot Spots’) where extensive litter problems occur and also areas not requiring litter patrol.
  • Clean drainage pit tops removing any debris / leaf matter as required.
  • Arrange rounds so as to minimize time expended on travel and disruption during peak hours.
  • Report incidences of dumped rubbish to enable follow up from Council’s Local Law Department.
Graffiti removal
  • In association with the Co-ordinator / Team leader, maintain a process to report incidences of graffiti on all Council assets to record a history including the date of incidence, type of Council asset, location, surface type, time taken to remove tag.
  • Ensure that all minor graffiti is removed, where possible, on sight.
  • Ensure that correct safety procedures are in place when using chemicals for graffiti removal.
  • Ensure that offensive graffiti is removed in a timely fashion following report.
Herbicide Spraying
  • Regularly patrol Councils Streets and Laneways and spray herbicide on weeds to ensure growth is minimized.
  • Programmed spraying of herbicide and record works completed.
  • Ensure weather condition are appropriate when spraying.
  • Manually remove all weeds (chipping/whippersnipping) as required.
  • Monitor Areas on Council’s “No Spray “ list to ensure that build of vegetation is managed manually or as determined by the Supervisor
Hard Waste Services
  • Perform hard waste collection services assisting with the loading of hard waste materials as required. 
  • Report on type and quantity of material collected and any that may be encountered when providing services.
  • Operate in a manner to ensure that the amount of material recovered recycled and sorted from the hard waste service is optimized.  The aim is to minimize the amount of material going to landfill.
  • Identify possible areas or resource recovery and reuse.
Occupational Health and Safety
  • Strict adherence to Occupational Health and Safety Statutes, Regulations, Codes of Practice and Council policies, including but not limited to:
  • ATC / Vic Roads Signage Code of Practice
  • Council’s Plant & equipment Training Manuals
  • Council’s Sun smart Policy.
  • Actively encourage a culture of safety awareness throughout the Depot (e.g. point out incidents of unsafe work practices to fellow employees as they occur, and where necessary report same to Co-coordinator / Works Officer).
  • Ensure that all underground and overhead services are identified and located prior to the commencement of works.  Where necessary request dial before you Dig (1100) service detection services.
  • Where reasonably practical, complete minor maintenance and cleaning requirements outside your normal area of responsibility so as to avoid the need for other employees to attend.  Only complete if you have been trained or shown how to complete prior.
  • Assist in all manual activities associated with road maintenance and street cleansing activities including but not limited to:
  • Placing of signage in the vicinity of road construction activities
  • Cleaning of guide posts and signs, culverts and drains
  • Manual litter collection, litter bin clearance and street sweeping
  • Sign maintenance
  • Weed and vegetation control (Herbicide spraying/whipersnipping)
  • Removal of branches overhanging onto footpath or roads
  • Shovel work
  • Traffic control
  • Report the need for maintenance and / or repair of Council assets, street cleansing or graffiti removal observed during the course of undertaking your normal duties.
  • Complete Daily Activity Sheets daily and return to Co-ordinator / Team leader weekly.
  • Be courteous, co-operative and polite to members of the public, and at all times act in a responsible manner presenting an efficient and professional image.
  • Make regular contact with Co-ordinator / Team leader before the end of each working day to discuss current issues or next day work requirements.
  • Ensure care and maintenance of plant and equipment.
  • Ensure safe storage of plant and equipment and encourage a culture of safety awareness.
  • Undertake training consistent with Certificate III Asset Maintenance (Cleaning Operations).
  • Sign on and off daily
  • The Trainee Street Cleaner and Maintenance may be directed to carry out such duties as are within the limits of his/her skill, competence and training.
  • Commitment to delivering a quality  cleaning service
  • Commitment to undertaking a traineeship in Certificate  Ill in Cleaning Operations

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